Monthly Forecast

Your Harmonist element is very complex and highly individualised, and it manifests itself differently from month to month. Choose your element to view your monthly forecast and determine how to focus your fragrant energy for your most fulfilling personal harmony.

Yang Earth

A yang earth person is stable and grounded. People are naturally drawn to confiding in them because of their trustworthy nature.

For a yang earth person June 2017 is a good month for nurturing your health, both mental and physical. Therefore, start exercising, the best time would be 11am to 1pm and the best direction to place any exercise equipment will be the south. Concentrate on your diet, ensuring that it supports your health. Improve your mental health by reading books that inspire and motivate you.

It is also a beneficial time to connect with your spiritual side or to do meditation and yoga. The most effective time for this will be 11am to 1pm and the most supportive direction to sit and meditate or do yoga in will be the south.

It is also a good month to bond with mentors and elders, you will be supported and rewarded by them.


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