Monthly Forecast

Your Harmonist element is very complex and highly individualised, and it manifests itself differently from month to month. Choose your element to view your monthly forecast and determine how to focus your fragrant energy for your most fulfilling personal harmony.

Yang Metal

A yang metal person is charismatic and dynamic. They are assertive and stand up for their beliefs. They can be very persuasive and are not shy of sharing their opinions.

This month will support your socialising skills, wisdom as well as your health.

It is an auspicious time for you to network, team build and update your professional image to grow your business including via social media. The best time for this will be the evening and the best position to sit in will be the west of your home or office.

This month reconnect with friends and siblings as the energy of this month will support you

This is also a good month for paying attention to your wellbeing, both mental and physical. Therefore, pay attention to your body and be mindful of your diet. The best time for exercising would be 7pm to 9pm and the best direction to place any exercise equipment will be the northwest. Support your mind by reading inspiring books.

It is also a beneficial time to connect with your spiritual side or to do meditation and yoga. The most effective time for this will be 7pm to 9pm and the most supportive direction to practice this will be the northwest.


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