Monthly Forecast

Your Harmonist element is very complex and highly individualised, and it manifests itself differently from month to month. Choose your element to view your monthly forecast and determine how to focus your fragrant energy for your most fulfilling personal harmony.

Yin Metal

A yin metal person is elegant and refined. They have sophisticated taste and others are drawn to their style and graceful personality.

For a yin metal person June 2017 is a good month to re-invent your image or increase your social or work status. The best position to optimise your luck will be the south and the best time will be 11am to 1pm.

For the yin metal female June 2017 will be an auspicious month for dating. If you are dating online the best time to log in will be 11am to 1pm.

The most auspicious colour to wear on your date would be red, pink or purple. To optimise your chances of success on the date arrange the date in the south of your town or city and sit in the south section of the restaurant, bar or coffee shop. If your date happens to be a yang fire male then your chances for success on your date are even better.

Those that are already in a relationship may enjoy more passion with their partner this month. Yin metal females should place a pink or purple orchid in the south of their bedroom.


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