About The Harmonist

With harmony and well being as guiding principles, The Harmonist has fused the power of scents with age-old principles to create its debut collection of fragrances.

The Harmonist’s elixirs are composed with the rarest and most precious natural ingredients from all over the world, harnessing the purest energy levels to create true signature scents.

An innate respect for the environment inspired The Harmonist to utilize recyclable materials at every possible touchpoint, from its perfume bottles and deluxe packaging to its vegetal wax candles. All of The Harmonist’s bottles are refillable, and each is made with an opaque glass that protects the vitality of its precious perfumes.

By releasing the ultimate flow of energy to boost your personal harmony, The Harmonist’s collection will always bring you the serenity of mind and body you seek.

Discover your element, and pair it with any of our perfume elixirs to enjoy a uniquely personal and fulfilling experience of life.

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