Monthly Forecast November 2019

Your Harmonist Element is very complex and highly individual and manifests itself differently from month to month.

Yang Fire

A balanced yang fire person is friendly and open. They can be very fun loving and uplift the energy of others around them.

The energy of this month should support you with your status, personal power, romance (female), wellness and wisdom.

This is a supportive month for your personal growth. This month attend workshops, read books and try activities which inspire and challenge your mind and increase your personal power, influence and status. The color to wear to make you feel more confident is black and dark blue.

For the yang fire female it should be an auspicious month for romance.  The most supportive color to wear on your date would be black or dark blue. If your are dating online the most supportive time to go online for dating is 9pm to 11pm.

The fragrances that should heighten seduction for you are the Sacred Water and Guiding Water elixirs.

Those yang fire females that are already in a relationship should also optimize on this energy by ensuring they make time for some romantic date nights with their partner this month.

Yang fire females can place fresh yellow flowers in the northwest of their bedroom to support seduction.

This month is also supportive for your wellness both mental and physical. Make a special effort to look after your body by exercising regularly and eating well.

Keep yourself warmer especially around your lower back area. Continue with more gentle exercises but keep yourself well layered if you exercise outdoors.

Feed your body with fresh, seasonal, locally sourced food rich in nutrients. Cooked and warming food and fresh vegetable soups are good for this time of year.

Emotions such as fear are associated with this time of year so to avoid this do regular grounding exercises and nourish your mental health. Read uplifting and humorous books as its important to stay joyful and positive.

Do yoga and meditate to clear your mind. A supportive time for meditation and yoga is early morning.

The fragrances that should support your wisdom and help with clarity of thought are the Golden Wood and Magnetic Wood elixirs.

This month also has beneficial energy for working with a mentor. If you already have a mentor then you should spend some time with them. If not, then it could be an auspicious month to find one.

The Harmonist Matching Fragrance:

The Harmonist Matching Fragrance:

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