Monthly Forecast December 2019

Your Harmonist Element is very complex and highly individual and manifests itself differently from month to month.

Yang Water

A balanced yang water person is impulsive and energetic. They have great courage and a sense of adventure which mesmerises those around them.

The energy of this month should support your prosperity, romance (male), socializing and networking.

To support prosperity pay attention to your front door and ensure it opens smoothly and is in perfect condition. De-clutter both the south and southeast of your living and workspace.

Place a table top water fountain in the southeast of your living room and / or workspace to activate prosperity.

For the yang water male it should be an auspicious month for romance.  The most supportive colored shirt to wear on your date would be red, pink or purple. If you are dating online the best time to go online is around midday. If you are meeting a prospective date the most supportive location would be in the south of the town.

The fragrances that should heighten seduction for you would be the Hypnotizing Fire and Velvet Fire elixirs.

To further enhance romance light the Hypnotizing Fire or Velvet Fire candles on your bedside tables. Additionally, place some purple flowers in the south of your bedroom.

To support your socializing and networking, dedicate some time to meet up with friends, colleagues and business associates as the energy of this month should support you in making beneficial connections. It is also a good month to dedicate some time to social media to build your profile. The best time for arranging socializing and networking would be evening time.

The elixirs that should enhance socializing and networking energy for you are the Sacred Water and Guiding Water fragrances. If you are hosting or attending a networking event then a supportive color to wear would be dark blue and black.

The Harmonist Matching Fragrance:

The Harmonist Matching Fragrance:

Sacred Water

Captivating, Essential, Mystical

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