Monthly Forecast August 2019

Your Harmonist Element is very complex and highly individual and manifests itself differently from month to month.

Yin Earth

A balanced yin earth person is tolerant and accommodating. They are gentle and kind with a love and appreciation of nature.

This month has the energy that should support your prosperity, romance (male), career and creativity.

To support prosperity declutter the north of your home and workspace and place a table top water fountain in the north of your living room.

For the yin earth male it should be an auspicious month for romance.  The most supportive colored shirt to wear on your date would be black or dark blue. If you are dating online the best time to go online is the evening.

Those yin earth males that are already in a relationship should also optimize on this energy by ensuring they make time for some romantic date nights with their partner this month.

The fragrances that should heighten seduction for you would be the guiding water and sacred water fragrances.

This is also a good month for your career and creativity. To get your creative juices flowing light the matrix metal and metal flower candles in your living room and workspace.

The best time to apply for a job online would be between 4pm and 5pm. If you have a job interview wear the matrix metal or metal flower perfumes to support you.

If you have children then this is also a good month to bond with them, so allocate quality time with them.

If you run your own company or are a manager then it is also a good time to bond with your staff. Therefore, ensure that you set sufficient time aside for this.

The Harmonist Matching Fragrance:

The Harmonist Matching Fragrance:

Royal Earth

Rich, Seductive, Sophisticated

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