Monthly Forecast

Your Harmonist element is very complex and highly individualised, and it manifests itself differently from month to month. Choose your element to view your monthly forecast and determine how to focus your fragrant energy for your most fulfilling personal harmony.

Yang Wood

A balanced yang wood person is caring and dependable with a positive nature that draws the respect of those around them.

The energy of this month should support you with your career, creativity socialising and networking.

To support your career luck, de-clutter the south of your home, office and living room, so that your beneficial career energy can circulate unobstructed. If you are applying for a job or promotion the best time is around midday.

The elixirs that should support your career and creativity are the velvet fire and hypnotising fire fragrances so wear these for an interview or meetings.

To get your creative juices flowing light the velvet fire and hypnotising fire candles in your living room and workspace.

If you have children then this is also a good month to bond with them, so allocate quality time with them.

If you run your own company or are a manager then it is also a good time to bond with your staff. Therefore, ensure that you set sufficient time aside for this.

It should also be a favourable time for you to network and socialise, both in person and online, with potential clients, colleagues, friends and siblings.

To grow your network, dedicate some time to meet up with colleagues and business associates as the energy of this month should support you in making beneficial connections. It is also a good month to dedicate some time to social media to build your public profile. The best time to go online and meet for networking would be the early morning.

It is also an auspicious time to socialise with friends and siblings. Take the initiative to organise something with them.

If you are organising a team building, networking or social event then light the golden wood and magnetic wood candles at the event to support the energy.

The elixirs that should optimise socialising and networking energy for you are the golden wood and magnetic wood fragrances.

the harmonist matching elixir: golden wood

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