Monthly Forecast

Your Harmonist element is very complex and highly individualised, and it manifests itself differently from month to month. Choose your element to view your monthly forecast and determine how to focus your fragrant energy for your most fulfilling personal harmony.

Yin Metal

A balanced yin metal person is intelligent both emotionally and intellectually. They have refined social skills and can take command of the room with grace.

The energy of this month should support your networking and socialising.

This month allocate some time to meet up with colleagues and business associates as the energy of this month should support you in making beneficial connections. The best time to go online and meet for networking would be 4pm to 5pm.

To support you in your networking and socialising light a matrix metal or metal flower candle in the southwest of your office or living room. Additionally, you could wear the matrix metal or metal flower fragrances when attending your social or networking events.

To further support you place three bamboo stems in a clear vase of water in the west of your living room or workspace.

the harmonist matching elixir: metal flower

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